Diplomat Flooring for the Home

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Diplomat Flooring for the Home




Patterned, easy on the eyes and tough on dirt

  1. Fibre type: 100% Xentrys Heatset Nylon 6
  2. Width: 3m66
  3. Protection: Stain Shield Protection
  4. Shield rating: 9
  5. Construction: Tufted Cut Pile
  6. Category: Residential
  7. Bill of Quantities: Broadloom, tufted cut pile carpet, made from 100% Xentrys Heatset Nylon 6, by Van Dyck Carpets, laid in accordance with the code of practice for the installation of textile floor coverings (SANS 10186)

1 Flooring for Home Braun-975.jpg 2 Flooring for Home Cabernet-3330.jpg 3 Flooring for Home Emerald-1084.jpg 4 Flooring for Home Lagoon-459.jpg 5 Flooring for Home Quatro-1129.jpg 6 Flooring for Home Rhine-2574.jpg 7Flooring for Home  Stardust-1325.jpg 8Flooring for Home  Thames-3707.jpg 9 Flooring for Home Verve-975.jpg 10 Flooring for Home Zenex-127.jpg

1 Flooring for Home Braun-975.jpg

Flooring for Home Diplomat Braun

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