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Fibregrass Outdoor




Craft a realistic outdoor feel for a residential or commercial area.


  1. Fibre type: 100% PFX Stain Shield Staple Fibre with UV Protection
  2. Application: See Detailed Information on Specification Sheet
  3. Available in: 2m, 2.5m Wide Broadloom
  4. Protection: Stain Shield Fibre
  5. Fire rating: 2
  6. Fibregrass 158: Made from 100% PFX Stainshield staple fibre with UV protection. General purpose indoor action cricket / cricket pitches, putt putt courses, patios, general outdoor non-sporting areas
  7. Fibregrass 173: Made from 100% PFX Stainshield staple fibre with UV protection. Outdoor cricket pitches, action cricket, cricket pitch surrounds, gyms, change rooms and sports facilities
  8. AC Pitch: Made from 100% PFX Stainshield STAPLE FIBRE with UV protection. Action Cricket, cricket pitches subject to heavy usage

1Atlantic-3204.jpg 2CastIron-4913.jpg 3Cherry-4218.jpg 4Earth-398.jpg 5 Fibregrass158-436.jpg 6Fibregrass173-2637.jpg 7 Jungle-2972.jpg 8Pacific-1387.jpg 9fibregrass173white-3659.jpg 10 malakite-69.jpg 10 malakite-3035.jpg 11meteorite-2143.jpg 12teal-4748.jpg 13tundra-3059.jpg


Atlantic Fibregrass

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